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One of the first things you will need to consider is whether you want a Full Spectrum CBD product, a CBD isolate, or something in between. ‘Full Spectrum’ refers to products that contain more cannabinoids than just CBD. In case you were unaware, cannabinoids are the active compounds found in the cannabis plant, and there are over 100 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis family which includes hemp and marijuana. CBD and THC are the most well known simply because they are the most plentiful, but when extracted from the hemp plant there will be an abundance of CBD and only trace amounts of THC with additional cannabinoids to consider. Most other cannabinoids are, like CBD, also non-intoxicating, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting high using full-spectrum products. So why would you want a full range of cannabinoids and terpenoids? Research studies show from the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health that there is a potential synergy effect. There are countless studies showing what scientists are calling the “Entourage Effect“, which is the power of when all the cannabinoids and compounds of the hemp plant work synergistically to increase its effects. 

Finding the Right Strength

It is crucial to find the right strength when you are taking CBD. Although CBD is not toxic or addictive, it is good to know what is the best dosage for you! Even though you cannot take to much where it really takes a toll on you, it may have some side effects. Not to worry, they are very minor and do not affect everyone. Side effects of CBD mostly include dizziness, headaches, and diarrhea, but these will likely fade if you ever encounter them at all. This is why we advise being cautious. We recommend starting out with a low serving of CBD. If you experience no side effects but your symptoms of discomfort are still there we advise to increase your dosage.

Consumption Method 


This is one of the most effective methods of taking CBD oil, where the user places some drops under the tongue and waits for 30 seconds before swallowing. This method has been proven to enter your  endocannabinoid system through your blood stream very quickly. Check out our Tinctures


This method is for those who are on the go! Easily taken by swallowing it with water, this method will allow you to be running out the door and take it! We offer a 25mg dosage per capsule! Check out our Capsules


This method is also for those on the go who like a good tasting way to ingest CBD, suck on it under your tongue for an even faster effect! Our VEGAN CBD Gummies    are a premium product in the industry with 25MG per gummy 500MG per bottle and are 100% naturally fruit flavored  (You can always split it in half) 


This method of application to the skin goes through the layers of skin into the endocannabinoid receptors in that specific area of application.This method is best for people hurting physically. We currently offer a 600 MG Lotion and in production is a freeze roll on application! 

What is Bioavailability? Bioavailability refers to how much of the actual CBD that your body is able to get from the vehicle of choice. Certain methods of CBD have higher bioavailability than others, which may make them a better option for you. Depending on the method some of it will be broken down before it can be used.CBD tinctures are the quickest method that allow the CBD to enter into your  endocannabinoid system (LINK IN NEW TAB) through your blood stream. Whereas edibles and capsules have a lower bioavailability because it is entering your body through your digestive system thus it being broken down, hence us choosing to provide you with a higher MG dosage per edible/capsule. The CBD in these methods do take longer to take effect but may result in a longer lasting effect on the relief in your body! Whichever option you choose we thank you for choosing Reliefly!

Reliefly CBD products always come with full transparency on every bottle, just scan the QR code, and enter the batch number, to view the lab results for that specific batch of Reliefly CBD. What are you waiting for shop now for Premium Reliefly CBD.


  1. Ricki Stenson says:

    Choosing the right cbd product was made much easier after reading this! I chose the gummies and the topicals! Thank You

  2. Ron Barnes says:

    Finding the right CBD product has been a big challenge for my wife and I. Having tried the CBD oil and topicals produced by Reliefly I am truly grateful for all their team does to educate all of us less educated people!

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