Pet CBD Oil 250MG

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  • Made in the USA
  • Organic, Non-GMO
  • Broad-spectrum blend of active cannabinoids
  • Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer
  • ISO 17025:2017 Certified Third Party Testing
  • Lab Results For Latest Batch Below
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  • 1 oz Bottle
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Pet CBD Oil 250MG


Proprietary blend Hemp Extract Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Bacon Flavoring Through Terpenes 


Shake well before use and administer orally 1-2 drops per 5LBS. May be applied to food or directly into mouth.


Pet CBD Oil 250MG

Pet CBD Oil 250MG

Humans and dogs both have an endocannabinoid system to help maintain overall wellness. CBD and other hemp derivatives could help support your canine’s health and wellness. CBD oil for dogs or cats is a great way to maintain the overall wellness of your dog, cat, or other furry family member.

We take tremendous pride in providing a premium product because we care about the person, or pet, consuming it and that is why we provide test results with every batch. With the industry growing rapidly many have came in with products that are not up to par or completely truthful which is very sad because you as the consumer should matter the most. Try our CBD oil for Dogs or Cats today! Still have questions, click here to view our educational blog on CBD oil for pets.

The premium grade hemp we use is farmed specifically for our products and processed by natural substance (CO2) known as supercritical extraction. This method is performed by heating and pressurizing Carbon Dioxide until it reaches a state known as supercritical. After this occurs, the CO2 is able to “seep” into plant matter and retrieve individual chemical compounds. Moving forward, It is frozen and refrozen at certain temperatures, allowing us to remove unwanted cannabinoids,  including any amounts of THC past the legal limit. We pride ourselves in maintaining all of the best compounds inside each and every bottle so that the consumer can receive the full benefits of the entire plant. From there it is shipped off to a third party lab testing facility to ensure quality. Each of our products whether Tincture Oil, Gummies, Capsules or Topicals, go through lab testing on every batch and can be scanned by your mobile device using the QR code found on the bottle and entering the batch number on the bottom of the bottle!

 *No psychoactive effects. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is not a dietary supplement.


Is CBD safe for my pet?

We use the same premium CBD extract in our Pet Tinctures as we do in our normal human CBD tinctures. We suggest consulting with your veterinarian if you have any questions. For further information click HERE to view our blog on CBD Oil for Pets

Does my pet have an Endocannabinoid System?

Yes, pets have an endocannabinoid system and CBD interacts similarly how it does in the human body. The only difference is the natural bacon flavoring.

What are some reasons to give my pet CBD?

We frequently receive feedback from our customers with pets. They state that it helps their pets quality of life for their older loved pets. Furthermore many of their pets  with separation issues have responded positively to CBD. Making your loved pets life delightful is of great priority to us!

Will my pet get high?

No, our pet CBD is a Broad Spectrum blend of all the important cannabinoids without the THC.

How can I give my pet CBD ?

There are several ways to administer the tincture to your pets. The most common is putting drops on your pets food or treats. You may also drop it directly into their mouth.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Pet CBD Oil 250MG

  1. Verified Purchaser

    Phil G

    We have a Newfoundland which if you aren’t aware is a huge dog like a mini horse they are prone to having bad joints in their later years I do put a little bit extra than a normal dog would get just given Roxy’s age in current condition But she seems to show improvement

  2. Verified Purchaser

    Lacy & Baxtar

    Highly recommend buying the dog cbd oil it has really helped my 14 year old golden retriever and 8 year old pitbull seem to walk better

  3. Reliefly CBD
    Verified Purchaser


    My dog suffers from separation issues and on car rides. The pet cbd has really helped her and I am very grateful!

  4. Verified Purchaser


    CBD oil for pets has really changed Hanks mobility as an 11 year old German Shepherd he’s had a RUFF life! Thank you reliefly for prolonging his life.

  5. Verified Purchaser

    Atkin R

    The CBD for dogs is amazing. The separation issues are far less now. I can only imagine this will help greatly as the years go on!

  6. Verified Purchaser


    I left town for a week and my boyfriend watched my dog and forgot to give her CBD drops. My 14 year old Australian Shepherd was struggling when I came home, had a lack of appetite and couldn’t walk nearly as good as she was…. she’s been back on for 5 days now and has fully recovered. I am forever grateful for the dog CBD oil! Thank you!

  7. Verified Purchaser


    CBD for dogs is something I was very uneducated on until I read the blog by reliefly. It has made a tremendous difference when I leave for the day. She no longer has separation issues

  8. Verified Purchaser

    Vickey Kleist

    I wish I could upload a before and after picture here! I gave them to my dog and she went from being hyper and running around to just sitting and being calm….I could not believe it! She needed these! I cannot wait to take a flight in the future and give her the Pet CBD oil so she can relax and not be so freaked out. If these work at the airport as well…you have a customer for life!!!!

  9. Verified Purchaser

    Preston White

    Truly a hit for my pup. I love that I can control the dosing on the treat

  10. Verified Purchaser

    Rocky & Jitters

    My pets are my kids I feel like this is their daily vitamin they really love it.

  11. Reliefly CBD
    Verified Purchaser

    Jai Phillips

    My dog is now getting extremely spoiled and I am ok with that. My neighbor swears by Reliefly CBD and now I am doing the same.

  12. Verified Purchaser

    Jody B

    Completely in awh that my begal after 1 week jumped up on the couch, something he hasn’t done in 6 months. He also put his paws on the coffee table something he has never done

  13. Verified Purchaser


    After researching the benefits and diving deep into the blog they sent through email on CBD for pets I knew it would only benefit my dog. The way I look at it is if I care about my health I should care about my pets health just as much!

  14. Verified Purchaser

    Brandon Jones

    I love all of the information Reliefly has on their site, truly educational

  15. Verified Purchaser

    Cruzer & Patricia

    Cruzer hasn’t been the same for the past 6 months being that he’s around 10 now I am grateful that the CBD has him back in his spirits again

  16. Verified Purchaser

    Phil & Sasha

    Sasha is 5 years old and a little scaredy cat when it comes to storms, this has her much more calm, and after reading the blog I am even more confident that this will help her in the long run to live a long and healthy life

  17. Verified Purchaser

    Kari & Tim

    I wish my dog could type to leave you her honest review but Bri is a 15 year old Australian shepherd with bad hips, I was having to carry her up and down the stoop to go potty and I had tears in my eyes because I didn’t want to put my sons dog (who lives out of state) down and he recommended me to put her on CBD drops, it’s been about 3 months and she has been successfully walking up the stoop again and although her depth perception is still bad she hobbles down and doesn’t collapse, I know I nor the company can make medical claims but I truly believe this has helped Bri and am
    Forever grateful for the extra time we have been given with her and apologize for how long it took me to write a review

  18. Verified Purchaser

    Natalie Thompson

    My Yorkee is so spoiled now she won’t eat her food until I put the drops on, she’s getting up there in age and after the research I have done I am glad I have both her and I on CBD

  19. Verified Purchaser


    Max thanks you he loves the bacon flavored drops right on his food

  20. Verified Purchaser


    Perfect for thunderstorms and fireworks on New Years

  21. Verified Purchaser

    Ray B

    Ok can humans get a bacon flavored one too? I tasted it and it’s not bad, not like eating real bacon but it’s got good flavor. Both my cat and dog love it.

  22. Verified Purchaser


    Shipped the day I ordered it arrived 2 days later, waiting to see the results of Cooper in a few weeks

  23. Verified Purchaser


    Oreo (cat) is so happy now thank you

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