I Like It Bundle

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1-1000 MG Natural Full Spectrum Tincture
1-600 MG Topical Ointment
1-500 MG Vegan Gummies



We take tremendous pride in providing a premium product because we care about the person consuming it and that is why we provide test results with every batch. With the industry growing rapidly many have came in with products that are not up to par or completely truthful which is very sad because you as the consumer should matter the most. The premium grade hemp we use is farmed specifically for our products and processed by natural substance (CO2) known as supercritical extraction. This method is performed by heating and pressurizing Carbon Dioxide until it reaches a state known as supercritical. After this occurs, the CO2 is able to “seep” into plant matter and retrieve individual chemical compounds. Moving forward, It is frozen and refrozen at certain temperatures, allowing us to remove unwanted cannabinoids, including any amounts of THC past the legal limit. We pride ourselves in maintaining all of the best compounds inside each and every bottle so that the consumer can receive the full benefits of the entire plant. From there it is shipped off to a third party lab testing facility to ensure quality. Each of our products whether Tincture Oil, Gummies, Capsules or Topicals, go through lab testing on every batch and can be scanned by your mobile device using the QR code found on the bottle and entering the batch number on the bottom of the bottle!


This fast acting, smooth topical lotion is just what you’re looking for. Apply the CBD ointment directly on the spots you have the most problems with. The menthol gives an immediate cooling sensation as the CBD penetrates through your skin and absorbs into the endocannabinoid receptors in your joints!

CBD Gummies 

They are great for that on the go person that also like to have something that is vegan friendly and taste amazing! They are packed with a full 25mg per gummy and we have several reviews of them relaxing the consumers for the day! Taking these at work are very discreet and seem normal. Savor the taste of them you will not regret it!  *No psychoactive effects. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is not a dietary supplement.


1000MG Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil

3.4oz Topical CBD Ointment (600mg CBD)

Vegan Gummies 25mg (500mg Per Bottle)


Why should I buy a bundle box?

Bundle boxes are great for individuals that really enjoy CBD and like the convenience of various products to consume or apply to the body. Also we give a discount when you purchase multiple items!

What can I expect in terms of shipping?

Bundle boxes will come in either a padded envelope or a box and will be to you within 3-7 business days. At Reliefly we take pride in leading the industry with spectacular customer service so we aim to ship your items the same day they are ordered when it is possible!

Will you be doing more bundle boxes in the future?

Yes as we release more products more bundle boxes will be released!

Can I Subscribe & Save to save even more?

Yes we offer a Subscribe & Save option for each bundle box that will save you 5% on each reorder.


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