Our mission is to make an impact on the world by providing Premium CBD for a Premium Relief. That said, giving back is one of our highest priorities. That’s why a portion of every proceed is donated to House Of Grace. House Of Grace is a ministry that offers direct aid to the children and adults of Gressier, Haiti! 

Our Giveback Mission

In 2004, House Of Grace Founder and President Wilky Clark was adopted from Haiti at the age of thirteen. A few years later, Wilky began working and devoting his hard-earned money to building homes, digging wells, building chicken coops, planting gardens, and providing jobs in his home village. What began with a young boy with a compassionate heart has now developed into a nonprofit organization that has partnered with people around the nation to create sustainability in Gressier. We are proud to be one of those partners! Every donation we make to House Of Grace is a donation to a ministry that is just as passionate about helping others as we are! 

In summary, our mission is to provide relief through premium CBD products while having a positive impact on those less fortunate; both domestic and internationally!

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