How To Distinguish High Quality CBD vs Fake CBD

Steps to avoid buying fake cbd oil

You’re looking for the right high-quality CBD oil and are impressed at the manufacturer’s sleek and neat website. You purchased the CBD oil, only to find out it’s not working at all. 

The scenario just now hasn’t happened yet, but it can happen to you in the future. We need to choose our CBD oil carefully, or else our money will be flushed right down the drain. Don’t lose hope! In this article, we will tell you all about getting the right high-quality CBD oil you need.

At this time Amazon prohibits CBD oil thus only allowing Hemp Seed Oil. Beware this is NOT CBD Oil and it will not have the same effects! Although hemp seed oil comes from hemp stalks, they barely contain any CBD at all. You can recognize a proper CBD oil by the explicit statement of its content on its cover.

What Lowers CBD Oil’s Quality?

External CBD comes from one primary source, the cannabis Sativa plant also known as hemp . So how can CBD oils have terrible quality when they come from a similar source as high-quality CBD oils? Truth to be told, what lowers the oil’s condition is not the primary source but external factors that can affect the source. Here are some factors that can reduce CBD oil’s quality:

1. Chemical Spray

Hemp and marijuana, examples of cannabis, are plants grown outside the house. To prevent bugs and other plant lovers from eating cannabis’ leaves, some manufacturers spray pesticides instead of regulating the pests manually. There are also times where manufacturers use chemicals to force cannabis to be enormous “naturally.”

While the approach behind such actions is understandable, it can damage the quality of the cannabis. There is a high chance of the harmful chemicals being absorbed by the plants, residing inside the precious raw material for the CBD oil. As our test results show we have no chemicals inside of any of our products!

2. Bacteria

Believe it or not, a proper gardening technique also plays a significant role in cannabis’ quality. To prevent mold and bacteria growing on the plant, manufacturers need to make sure that they are grown in a suitable environment. The same goes for their containment location. If they are contained in a dirty place or a backyard, there’s a high chance mold, and bacteria will stick on the cannabis. 

3. Heavy Metal

When a manufacturer grows and stores cannabis, and then extract its content, they must use clean machines and containers. If the tools and containers are not clean, there will be some residue and heavy metal after-effect that stays inside the oil. 

Unfortunately, some manufacturers tend to ignore proper hygiene and industry-approved processes, since those two things can cost a lot at times. When this happens, we can only hope for the best, praying that the residue won’t mix with the oil. At Reliefly we operate out of an FDA registered manufacturing plant and have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification.

What To Look In a CBD Oil

There are many things to look for when searching for high quality CBD oil. To prevent yourself from being duped with the fake “high-quality” CBD oil, here are some things you should check in the CBD oil:

1. Oil Source

The first thing you should do when you’re researching a CBD oil brand is to look for its source’s location. The best areas for growing cannabis are in North America and Europe, as the two continents have a definite and strict guideline to grow cannabis. Check the oil’s brand and see if its source is organic or not; natural cannabis tends to involve no chemical at all, hence the term “organic.” If the source is indeed natural, then the product passes the first test.

2. THC Content

If you’re purchasing a full-spectrum CBD oil, you must check the THC content of the product. Even though THC is legal in some locations, there is still a strict guideline for it. Full-spectrum CBD oil cannot contain more than 0.3% THC, which is the amount of THC one product can have at most. Usually, manufacturers use hemp to produce full-spectrum CBD oil, but it won’t hurt if you recheck it. We provide lab results on every product page and also each bottle has a scannable QR code to view the results.

3. CBD Color

If you’ve already bought the CBD oil or have pictures of it, you should check the color of the oil. Colors vary greatly depending on the extraction method, flavor, and carrying agent. CO2 extraction is the most pure and creates a very clean full spectrum extraction that is a yellowish clear tint when mixed with MCT oil (Coconut Oil) and no essential oil flavoring is added. Alcohol extraction which we believe is not as pure creates a more brownish earthy tasting CBD oil. When flavors are added such as Mint the oil does tint to more of a medium yellow if the hemp was originally processed through CO2 (Natural Extraction Method).

4. Look At The Small Details

You need to look at the details of and surrounding the CBD oil. Only buy sealed CBD oil, and never buy from shady or environmentally-questionable stores. You should also check for the oil’s lab reports, which will be discussed in point #5.

5. Third-Party Lab Reports

Third-party reports are the most crucial aspect to look at in a high-quality CBD oil. Manufacturers that are up to industry’s standard usually send all of their products to a lab to be checked. By getting a report everybody can see, the manufacturer indirectly states that their product is so safe to the point where it’s OK for everybody to know its content.

Usually, manufacturers would put the report on their websites. If you can’t find a report on the site, you can ask the manufacturer for the report through email. Generally speaking the best CBD brands in the industry have them accessible on their website. We provide them on each product page along with a QR code on each product that can be scanned to view the lab results for the exact batch you purchased from.

Thorough research gives high-quality CBD oil

If you look at the points above, you will notice that they require a significant amount of research from the customers. It might seem like a hassle, but a thorough examination is necessary so that you know what you are buying. Knowing your product gives will bring peace to your mind and can prevent unnecessary troubles from happening in the future. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? So don’t forget to do some research so that you can get the best high-quality CBD oil you can get. At Reliefly we have done all of the leg work for you by educating you and being 100% transparent about everything we do! Shop Now

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  1. Anna G says:

    Thank you for being fully transparent. I didn’t know how to avoid fake cbd oil and how to distinguish the difference in quality. I have placed my order with you and I am very excited to get started on the cbd journey.

  2. Harriet Timmons says:

    Discovering how to avoid fake cbd oil in the cbd industry has been difficult. Thank you for clearly laying it out and being 100% transparent with your customers. I received my products a week ago and wow what a difference in comparison to the stuff I purchased at the gas station.

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